With the EPC being required by law for every domestic property, and a majority of commercial properties, landlords, home owners and commercial property owners need to be clued up if they’re to avoid the hefty fines incurred by failure to meet EPC requirements. Getting an EPC survey performed on your property is essential, but finding the right company can be a bit of a hassle. Here’s some helpful tips to help you find the ideal firm for you EPC survey.

Importance of Having an EPC

Having an up to date energy performance certificate is crucial for home owners, landlords and commercial property owners. Brought in on August 1st 2007, the EPC was made a legal requirement as part of the home information pack (HIP). When the HIP was later made obsolete, EPCs continued to be mandatory.  The EPC is essentially an evaluation of your homes energy efficiency, taking things into account like power wastage and CO2 emissions, as well as aspects of the property like low energy lighting, solar power, loft insulation and wall cavity insulation.

An EPC gives your home a grading from ‘A’ to ‘G’ with ‘A’ being best, and the UK average being around ‘C’ or ‘D’. A great grade can make your property a much more appealing prospect to potential buyers and tenants, as it indicates low energy costs and a greener, more environmentally friendly home. Failing to have an up to date EPC in place can result in fines, and you need to get one done before selling or renting the property, as failing to do so will once again result in fines.

Go Local or Further Afield?

When it comes to picking the firm to perform your EPC survey, the internet is your best friend. With one quick search, you’ve got all the companies offering EPC surveys in the surrounding areas, with another you can peruse reviews of said companies. Getting quotes and comparing is really useful too, especially if you’ve got a bigger property.

Different companies offer different services, and have different prices and reputations, so you need to make a judgement on whether or not certain companies are worth shopping further afield for, or going local. Going local has the benefit of staying conveniently in your area, but going further away could potentially get you a better deal. Go with the best company, essentially.