While selling a property can be an unforgiving task filled with hidden fees and unwanted stresses at every hairpin turn, an often forgotten part of ensuring a house sale goes smoothly is the EPC Rating.

There are many instances where house sales have all but gone through, only for the buyer to back out at the last moment because of a poor EPC rating. Do not be fooled, it can certainly happen.

With new energy efficiency structures being put in place by the government with regularity, it is now more essential than ever to have a good EPC Rating, whether you are looking to sell your property or not.

For example, just last month, the government put in place a law whereby any properties in the private sector who do not have an EPC Rating of E or above, will not be permitted to let the property until improvements have been made.

So what can be done to bring up your poor EPC Rating?

Fortunately, there are a number of relatively simple steps that can be undertaken to improve the EPC Rating of a property. While some may come at considerable expense, others are simple and affordable. Let’s begin with the cheaper solutions;

  • The most economical way to effectively change your EPC Rating is by improving insulation in your loft. Mots EPC assessors suggest that insulation with a depth of around 270mm is suitable to ensure a decent Rating.
  • If your property has a hot water cylinder, it would be a wise move to add insulation to the tank. Again, this is a very cheap addition and will significantly help improve your EPC Rating.
  • Another cheap way of improving your chances of getting a high EPC Rating is by changing all lightbulbs in the house to energy efficient alternatives. This is neither a costly or time consuming change.

Even if you were to adhere to the three aforementioned improvements, none of which break the bank, you will see a significant improvement on your EPC Rating.

However, if your current score is especially low (eg. E-G), you may need to consider spending a larger amount of money to make more dramatic changes to the energy efficiency of your property;

  • Upgrading your boiler is a sure fire way to start climbing up the EPC Rating ranks. If your heating system has remained unchanged for a significant number of years, it is recommended that you upgrade, as new heating system are more equipped to comply with the energy efficient expectations of modern day regulations.
  • If your property has single-glazed windows and you are permitted to make alterations to them, it is highly recommended that you install double glazing where possible. Single glazing is estimated to be up to 20 times less efficient than double glazing…so this one is a no brainer!
  • Finally, if you have money to spend and you are really looking to become a fare more eco-friendly, energy efficient individual, then it would be worthwhile installing solar panels at your property. This will not only see your EPC Rating skyrocket, but will also drastically improve your monthly expenditure when it comes to energy bills.

If you’re still unsure about what you can do for your property specifically, get in touch with a professional EPC company who can offer you bespoke advice.