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Report Reveals London’s Buildings Have Poor Energy Efficiency

In a damning 2016 report by the Association for the Conservation of Energy, over a third of non-domestic buildings in London were rated E or lower on the Energy Performance Certificate scale. 37% of buildings in London were given this grade, in comparison to just 34% that achieved a rating of C or higher. Perhaps most worryingly for England’s capital is the 18,000 non-domestic buildings that rated F or G, meaning they will fall victim to new legislation that will forbid the rental of property in the private sector if the EPC rating is lower than an E. The...

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Should You Go Local for Your EPC Survey?

With the EPC being required by law for every domestic property, and a majority of commercial properties, landlords, home owners and commercial property owners need to be clued up if they’re to avoid the hefty fines incurred by failure to meet EPC requirements. Getting an EPC survey performed on your property is essential, but finding the right company can be a bit of a hassle. Here’s some helpful tips to help you find the ideal firm for you EPC survey. Importance of Having an EPC Having an up to date energy performance certificate is crucial for home owners, landlords...

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